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Innocent again!     Another 'innocent look'

Ohhhh the innocent look, Chubbs perfected this very early on in life!

Welcome to Chubbs' Rainbow Album page.  Chubbs' passing has left a huge void in our lives, rocking our world to the very core.......forever loved and so sadly missed......these pics all have a special meaning to us, a look, an antic, a special moment, my boy gave us so many Golden Memories in his short time on Earth, he was simply too young to die

Waiting not so patiently to go out, that look said it all, and having a cooling drink after lots of playing

     Waiting not so patiently to go out      Cooling drink, it's hard work playing!

Golden Memories - Chubbs took 2nd place at a Companion show!  That tongue went all the time!

A Golden Memory Chubbs -  a 2nd place

Flowers below sent to us on Chubbs passing by The Laurels - arn't they beautiful!

Flowers from The Laurels     Beautiful!

More flowers

Below: The final pictures of our beautiful boy - I remember leaving Chubbs that Thursday evening and telling Terry he'd said 'Goodbye Mum, I'm tired and need to go now'  I guess we both knew....and again below taken on June 22nd the last picture of Chubbs with Dad Terry.  These pictures are so very precious to us as you can imagine.

No need for words, the bone between us transcended mere words      Terry with Chubbs one of the last pictures

Sadly life deals us blows when we least expect them, we were blessed to have 4 wonderful years with Chubbs,  He earned his nickname 'Sherman' after the tank because of the way he could demolish so much with so much ease!  We'll always miss him, always love him, he's not gone....he's just gone ahead and for now his Spirit lives on, tucked safely in our hearts until we meet again.  For all we love and miss him we'd not wish him back, her deserves his eternal peace, he went through so much in those 5 days, he was a model patient we were told, never grumbling, no matter what he was going through.  He was loved by all I'm proud to say.  We love our dogs, and if love could have saved Chubbs he'd not have been stricken in the first place, don't ever think it's can't happen to yours...it happened to ours...GVD, bloat, the Silent Killer shows no mercy.

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