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Spirit By The Bridge

I made this picture and wrote these words especially for my precious Bobby, I called the picture Spirit By The Bridge

The Shadow


There's a shadow in the hallway, and a shadow in my heart,

A shadow in my home because we had to part

The years have gone so swiftly, too fast I know for sure

I've never know a soul, so loving and so pure.


And so the final journey, oh how it came too fast,

I'm left alone with a river of tears, and my memories of the past

I see your face before me, but know that you’re not there

I'm clutching oh so tightly a piece of your dark hair.


I thank you for a lifetime, for the laughter and the tears

For all the hopes and dreams you gave, and even all the fears

When I was lost you found me, when I was blind you helped me see

Time, it took your body, but Bobby now your free.

So run like the wind, and play in the stars
Take with you a soulful of love
So lie in the sunlight, and play with the clouds
In that wonderful World up above


Dedicated to the Best Friend I’ll ever have

Gwynmardene Playmate


1997 - 2007

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