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So You Think You Want A Boxer!

One of the primary characteristics that must be taken into account when considering a Boxer is the high energy level common to the breed. Boxers are lively, active dogs, and may be too boisterous for some households. The proper balance of the rest and exercise is essential.

 Boxers are extremely "people-oriented" and have a great need for human companionship. Those who receive insufficient attention may resort to "bad" behaviour in an attempt to gain it.

The Boxer is a HOUSE dog. While they may enjoy regular play and exercise outdoors they are not suited for outside living. Their short coats cannot protect them from long exposure to cold temperatures and their short muzzles make them susceptible to extreme heat.

The Boxer is a natural guardian of his home, but should NOT be purchased solely for that purpose. ALL dogs require intensive training in order to perform as protection animals.  Only those with absolutely sound temperaments are suitable.

As with any breed, obedience training is essential for a well-mannered, disciplined companion.  Boxers are a intelligent, clever breed. It is important to remember that an intelligent dog can devise more ways of getting into trouble than a dull one. Boxers must be trained in a firm but fair manner - they do not respond well to (or deserve) harsh treatment.

The Boxer's short, tight coat requires little grooming, however like most breeds, they DO shed, particularly in springtime and autumn.  The degree of shedding varies with the individual.  Some Boxers are prone to skin allergies.

Some Boxers, especially those with "loose lips" may drool.  Usually this is only an occasional occurrence, but some may find it unappealing.  They may also snore, all of mine do and loudly too!

Remember you Boxer will change your life and that of your families forever, as will the addition of any dog,  if you can honestly say ok, that's fine and make those changes then you, your family and your Boxer will live in harmony.  However if you choose not to make those required changes then a Boxer isn't for you.

Finally, on the rather delicate subject of flatulence - the Boxers digestion is sometimes less than perfect.  Even when fed a high quality food, SOME may have rather frequent and, well, noxious episodes of passing wind. This, of course, varies with the individual and may not occur at all.  (Remember you were warned lol)

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