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Ask anybody who owns a Boxer what they think of them and you will often hear the reply that they would never have another a breed. It has to be pointed out however that a boxer isn't the breed for everybody. 

If you are hoping for a quiet sedate family pet then a boxer isn't for you. Boxers in general are fun loving, boisterous, mischievous characters with an extremely high level of intelligence. Too many dogs are put into rescue when the cute puppy period is over and the things that were funny at 4 months aren't quite as funny at 2 years old!

Their boundless energy needs firm handling from day one, the key word is FIRM this does not mean harsh. It is a good idea to enroll your puppy in obedience classes, these are a great way of socialising your pup and teaching him and you how to channel his energy. The most important thing to a Boxer is company, they thrive on human companionship and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. 

If you and your partner work full time then rethink your decision to go into dog ownership. It is not fair and cannot be expected for a puppy to grow up well socialised and emotionally balanced if this is the beginning of his upbringing.  If raised correctly a boxer is a joy to own, they are devoted pets and adore children, remember you'll only get from your dog, any dog, what your prepared to put in, it takes, time, patience, consistency in short you need to be committed to owning a Boxer or any other dog for that matter.

Take time to decide BEFORE you purchase, to many my words may appear harsh, believe me I/we're not at all like that, we love our boxers and aim to place the right boxers with the right owners, we do this because we care about the owners too.

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