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Golden Memories of My Faithful Friend Bobby

Gwynmardene Playmate - Bobby

Gwynmardene Playmate - Bobby 1997 -2007

I couldn't possibly begin this Tribute by using any other picture of Bobby, this is a fave of mine

 Before I go any further both Terry and I must again extend our thanks to Sandra and Carl of The Laurels, for making Bobby's passing peaceful, beautiful and most of all dignified, also for the kindness given so freely to Terry and myself, thank you, words can't say what we really feel, but we know you understand.  Also thank you Thomas, your words always mean so much to us.

Bobby was a delight from the very first time I saw him, it was on that day I knew in my soul that we were to be the closest companions ever, and I was proved to be so very right.  I had no intentions of having another dog as the wounds left by the passing of Ceazar were still too raw but I'd agreed to look at a litter with a friend.  Bobby trotted over to me on paws that were huge, a fluffy, cheeky ball of fur on legs with ears that were equally too big.  He looked up at me and in doing so looked into my soul, the bond began to form then, that very instant, had I not given him my heart, he'd surely have stolen it anyway.  He gave me a lifetime of unconditional love, he was my companion, my Guardian, he knew my innermost secrets, my innermost fears, he also knew my dreams and my hope, in short he was everything to me and I miss him so very, very much.

A handsome youngster

My beautiful puppy just grew and grew, handsome as a youngster, with age he just got better and better, bold, fearless, courageous, always alert, always aware, protective to the end, but he was a gentle giant.

My handsome boy

We shared so much together, we almost drowned together, and Bobby saved me from monoxide poisoning, we were both extremely ill, without Bobby I simply wouldn't be here now.  We shared some comical times too, as a very young pup he nibbled into a beanbag filled with polystyrene, I'll never forget the sight, polystyrene all over the kitchen and this white moving thing that was of course Bobby, the static of his coat had attracted the polystyrene and he was covered!  I found poly beads in that kitchen for months!

We shared sunshine, laughter, and at times tears and fears.  Whilst chasing a squirrel he ran head first into a tree knocking himself out cold!  He managed to get his head stuck in railings and I ended up calling the Fire Brigade to get him out!  Whilst out training he got into difficulties in water due to a very strong undercurrent, I went without hesitation to help him, we ended up being pulled out by 3 burly Policemen!  As a youth he leapt into a pond and emerged looking like something from the black lagoon, covered by stinking green algae, he happily jumped out and shook himself over me and also caught a couple of passers by with it too!

The pic below has always held a special place in my heart, now it tugs at my soul, Chubbs and Bob together in life and now  reunited in death, in the crossing of Rainbow Bridge.

Bobby and Chubbs together forever

Water, snow and games with Rosie, she misses him so very much.

Water was a major love of Bobby's  Yes snow was another love of his

Rosie was never far from Bobby

Like any self respecting GSD he'd hog as much of the bed as he could, and most of the floor!

Where has the time gone, and why so fast?   

Oh Bobby, time has ticked on relentlessly, all to soon the years have crept up upon us, where did they go and why so fast?  Every fibre in my body is grieving, there's tears to fill an ocean, and so much love.  If tears could build a stairway, if love could build a lane, we'd rush right into Heaven to be with you again.  I know we can never be parted, the bond transcends the earthly years, it's like Spirit, it lives on.  So wait for me in the Rainbow, and together we'll play with the stars.  I will always love you Bobby, until we meet again, Mum and Dad xxx


One of my last pics of Bobby

Bobby always loved being groomed'he always did
this is one of my last pictures (taken with my mobile phone)

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