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Finding A Vet 

If your already a pet owner your sure to be registered with a Veterinarian, however if your a first time owner this is something you need to seriously think about BEFORE you collect your treasured puppy.  The best way to find the Vet that's right for you and your pet is to go by word of mouth, speak to other pet owners, call at surgeries and take a look, ask at your local training classes, people are always pleased to help you know.

Now when you've found the Vet that's right for you, remember Vet's are human beings, talk to them, it's worth remembering that when your pet is sick the smallest detail to you, may be very significant in diagnosis to the Vet so don't hold back, they won't laugh at you I promise.  If your unsure of the veterinary terms for things and are getting confused and worried, ask, ask and ask again, they'll explain everything to you so you understand if only you ask.

Work with your Vet, if your worried about something give them a call, if it's an emergency just get there!  Try at all times to find a Vet that has 24 hour emergency cover, this I promise you can be invaluable at 2am in a crisis.

Don't call your vet for an appointment to clip your dog's nails, if you can't do it yourself that's fine, ask to see the nurse, that frees up the valuable time of your Vet.  Remember you may need your Vet in an emergency so don't waste their time, but if you are unsure of anything regarding your pet's health call them, speak to them, if an appointment is needed you'll be sure to get one.  It's vital that you establish a good working relationship with your Vet, vital for you, your pet and them.

It's also worth remembering to get your pet used to visiting the Vet, it's much easier believe me to have your dog greet your Vet happily rather than have them quaking and shivering in the corner, it's easier for you, your vet and most importantly them.  

It's at this point that I'd like to thank our surgery, The Laurels, and all staff, Vet's, nurses, receptionists and all who work in the background, for the care, and support, both I and our dogs have received in the 5 years of being with them (having moved into a new area,) also many thanks to the emergency service which I've used too!!!  A sincere Thank You to All. 

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