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What A Breeder Wants To Know & Why???

Many people contact breeders looking for that perfect pup.  In turn, breeders hope and wish for the perfect buyer for their puppies.  There are many traits that breeders look for in potential puppy homes.

1)  Responsibility - A breeder requires someone in the family to be the primary caretaker of the new puppy.  Do not buy a puppy to teach kids responsibility.  Parents often must take over due to children not assuming total care of the dog.  Breeders also look for responsible people who will carry out the contact between him or herself and the breeder.  If the contact says that the puppy should be spayed or neutered, the breeder must be confident that the said requirements will be carried out.

Breeders want responsible people who will give adequate attention to the puppy for its lifetime, not pushing it aside when a new baby comes along or when that cute puppy grows up. 

Breeders want buyers who are responsible enough to give their dog excellent daily care, regular vet visits, keep it updated on vaccinations, and take it to obedience classes so it's a good canine citizen. 

2)  A fenced yard and a crate: A crate is also a safety requirement.  Crates provide a safe place for puppies when the owner can't watch them and also aids in housebreaking.  Crates are also safe places for dogs to ride in a vehicle.

Breeders require a fenced yard for the safety of the dog.  Dogs who run free are at great risk of being hit by a car, getting into fights, eating something dangerous, being stolen, or getting lost.  Also having no fence is an invitation for other dogs to come onto your property and menace your dog.  Having a dog tied or chained is not an option.  There is a great risk of the dog becoming entangled.  This can result in a hurt dog or one that is strangled to death.

3)  Home stability:  Breeders want the home life of their puppy to be stable and loving, it's important that there is a routine to the day, dogs like children do well on routine.

4)  Financial stability: Breeders want to be sure that the new owners will be able to financially afford the necessary items of owning a dog: proper food, toys, collars, leashes, etc.  Will the new owners be able to provide proper veterinary care and check-ups whenever needed?  Pet insurance is a MUST!

5)  Willingness to listen and learn:  Breeders are wary of people who already know it all and don't ask any questions.  A person who is not willing to listen to feeding schedules, vaccination schedules, advice and so on are not keeping the puppy's best interests in mind.  Breeders' experience and expertise are valuable tools for new owners.  Rely on their wisdom to avoid making mistakes and to learn valuable information on grooming, training, traveling tips, etc.

6)  Willingness to wait for the right pup to come along:  Responsible breeders usually have waiting lists for their puppies and do not produce a lot of litters.  It is rare for someone to contact a breeder and get a puppy immediately.  Too many times, people who want a puppy immediately have not done enough research in finding the right pup and breeder.  They are usually wanting a puppy for another emotional reason such as a birthday in a few days or Christmas coming up.  This kind of hastiness can result in purchasing a puppy from dubious sources with a dubious background which sometimes may result in heartache down the road.  Remember, it's just as easy to fall in love with a well bred puppy from a good breeder as a poorly bred puppy from  a backyard breeder!

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