Angels Need No Wings

This page is for ALL our friends at the Laurels Veterinary Centre in Bromley

Chubbs (aka Sherman) 31.03.02 - 23.06.06

Last week was to be one of the most traumatic weeks in my life where my beloved pets are concerned.  Oh yes we all know nothing is forever, we all know the instant we give our heart to a dog it's going to be shattered, broken into a thousand tiny fragments sooner or later, we all pray it'll be later but for some, sadly it comes sooner.

At the moment I don't feel I can go much deeper than that, but what I can do, is sing the praises of ALL those who fought so hard this past week, for those people truely are Angels, you, each and every one of you are indeed Angels and you really need no wings to prove that.

Chubbs (aka Sherman) was cared for to the highest degree, he really was, not just physically cared for, he was emotionally cared for too, his time with you, our friends at the Laurels was pain free, for that alone I/we, Terry and myself are, and will remain totally grateful he was loved, believe me I know my dogs and I knew my Chubbs so well, he KNEW he was among friends who really cared for him and that is what makes ALL of you Angels, for each and every one of you went way beyond the call of duty in the battle to save my boy.

So very simply, this page is for you, for all at the Laurels, a very small token, a way of saying thank you for fighting so hard for Chubbs, for loving him from day one, for fighting for him when some would have given up, you all fought, Anne, I know it was a battle you in the end just couldn't win, Chubbs couldn't win, but all through this fight you not only cared for our boy but you cared emotionally for us, as did everyone there, that too has left an imprint on our hearts I assure you.  If Chubbs had to go, then I'm glad he was with you, amongst his friends, knowing he was loved and with sunlight on his face.  Those final moments will remain locked in our hearts forever, gentle, dignified moments, swathed in sunlight, with love all around, kissed, stroked and loved to the very end.

I also need to say thank you to Barbara, who initially began the fight, thank you so much, we may never see you again but we'll never forget you either.  Barbara you didn't know my boy Chubbs in happier times, but I assure you, he wouldn't be knocking on Heavens' Door, he'd have barged right in!!!  He lived life to the full, every moment for him was pure excitement, dynamite on legs, very early in life he earned the nickname "Sherman" like the tank, and my house has the damage to show just that!

On this note I'll close this page, Anne, Evelyn, Thomas, Carl, and ALL of you, (I'm dreadful with names!) you really are............ 
Angels, Who Need No Wings 


Our Tribute to Chubbs - Forever Sherman

Pet Loss Support Group now open please CLICK HERE

We should like to form a support group for those who have been affected by GVD (gastric torsion) the group will be called Forever Sherman, details available soon



If you have a pet you'd like remembered please mail here

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