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Carole and Terry

Hello there I'm Carole and my husband is Terry, and we are located in Kent UK.  Our dogs are part of our family, first and foremost.  All different with different needs, they keep us busy and on our toes that's for sure. 

We're both as you've guessed very much dog people and always have been, I've had dogs since I was a child and loved every one of them for their own special reasons, characters and antics, I could write a book really I could, but wouldn't change any of it for anything!

Years ago I bred GSD's I had no Affix it was just something that I loved doing, circumstances changed for me and I was unable to carry on at due to bereavement, but my love for dogs never died, my dream was always to breed, good strong, healthy pups, for pet and/or show.

Faithful Bobby, the best friend I'll ever have  1997 - 2007

Faithful Bobby 

In 1999 my circumstances changed yet again and I married Terry, we were brought together by the internet and dogs, ie Bobby!!!!  Since then we've worked toward Terole Boxers, it hasn't always been easy but it's always been worthwhile.  Sadly my beloved Bobby passed away and made his journey to Rainbow Bridge in October 2007 aged 10 1/2 years, leaving us heartbroken.

All our dogs are loved and cared for in a warm friendly, well socialized manner, they are part of my life, part of me, I/we want them to know love and respect, not  suffering the all too common pain and abuse that sadly seems to rule the age in which we live.

Dawsadan Bring Me Sunshine at Terole

In 2005 Solstice (Sol) came into our lives.  I'd always wanted a Standard Poodle but knew also that Standard Poodles like any other Poodles need an enormous amount of time, and so for years I'd been waiting patiently for the right time.  Sol for me was to be a huge learning curve, not always the easiest of dogs being very, very stubborn, but I'm determined and after a while Sol realised what was and was not acceptable lol.  I soon found myself suffering from MPS....multiple Poodle syndrome and we agreed that as nature took it's course we'd take another Poodle.  Sadly and totally out of the blue we were to lose our Chubbs in June 2006, at only 4 years old, he was taken after fighting a five day battle for life after suffering GVD.  We were left heartbroken and totally distraught, life would never be the same again.

Abythorn Chubby Checker at Terole

By September 2006 we'd started our search for our second Poodle, we wanted a girl and this time black.  We were introduced to Sandra Pennell, she was hoping for a litter by the end of the year.  We remained in touch and got to know each other, and on November 30th 2006 we had a call to say the pups all 10 of them had made a safe arrival.  We couldn't get our hopes up it was still early days, but in our hearts we knew Ebony had made her long awaited arrival.  It was a very cold, frosty day, it was January 27th 2007, the start of the new year, and we were on our way to pick up our baby Ebony.  We were excited, we couldn't wait, we weren't even sure if we'd get there to pick her up as all week we'd have falls of snow, but when the day came so did a very weak ray of sunshine and off we went.

I knew my emotions would get the better of me when I at last held her in my arms knowing she was mine, and I was right.  Terry fell in love with the bundle of warm fluff that nestled on his knee, they were going to be firm friends and it was only a few hours before Terry found himself wrapped around Ebony's tiny paws!  Ebony is now almost 3 years old , and enjoying life to the full, and yes she still has Terry wrapped around those paws of hers!

Sashling's Midnight Dancer at Terole

In July 2008 Cassie came into this world, and on a warm September afternoon we went to collect her and bring her home.   We knew from the moment Cassie arrived that she was to become a great mischief maker, and much to Terry's delight she's turning into a real 'Daddy's' girl!!!  Due to Terry's ill health this year, things have been forced to progress slower than usual, Terry, now much better is looking forward to working with his girl. 

Terry and Cassie

I'm sure they'll have a great deal of fun together, but I have to wonder who's training who here!

Now you've met us and some of our family I do hope you'll enjoy your visit with us. 

Thank You. 



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