Bobby......The Best Friend I'll Ever Have

Bobby the best friend I'll ever have

If tears could build a stairway
Or memories a lane
I'd walk right into Heaven
To hold you once again.

Two years have passed since you journeyed to Rainbow Bridge. 
Bobby your still my first thought when I wake and always my last thought at night, when I ask the Angels to kiss you for me.  You were my soul mate, my Guardian, my best friend, I miss you so much Bobby.

I feel you by my side, I feel you in the breeze that washes over my cheeks, see you in the Autumn sun, the time of year we both loved so much.  I see you in the soft glow of candlelight, in the shadows on the wall.........sometimes I call for you and expect to see you coming to me as you always did....then I sigh remembering, the memories you gave me, the Golden Memories cascade like a golden river of love filling not only my mind but my soul, thank you for those wonderful memories Bobby.

I remember giving you my heart, you were a ball of fluff on legs, your huge eyes looked up at me and that was it, I gave you my heart right there and then, and you gave me in return a lifetime of unconditional devotion.  When Terry your Dad came into our lives you accepted him and the bond between you and he was forged, over the years it evolved, but you remained my soul mate, my boy, the silver thread could never be broken and remains and will do for all time.

Bobby with his Angels

So my Darling Bobby I'll say goodnight, I'll see you in my dreams
Until I see you in the Rainbow
I'll love you alway

Always thinking of you Bobby, and remembering the fun times we had together.
'Till we meet again big fella
Love you

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The music playing was always what I listened to with my boy Bob