Gwynmardene Playmate - Bobby the best friend I'll ever have

Bobby - the best friend I'll ever have

Time ticks on, as it always has, and always will, but the Golden Memories
given to me remain as Golden and bright as ever,
 those memories will never fade nor become tarnished by time it's self.  When Bobby came into my life
I was living alone, I hadn't then met Terry my husband, so life was Bobby and I.  We were rarely separated,
the bond between us transcended mere words and that bond remained to the day Bobby crossed the Rainbow Bridge,
a journey he was to make without me, that journey I believe was not the end, no it was a new beginning for
my best friend.  My belief is strong, even tho I was heart broken I believed then, just as I believe now, that
one day when the time is right I'll be reunited with my beautiful big boy.  So three years now have passed,
I still shed tears, I guess I always will until we're together again.

My final words on this page must be for Bobby, my faithful friend and Guardian.

Bobby, I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and tomorrow I'll love you more.
I'll see you in my dreams, until we meet again
Luv you forever and a day....Mum xxxxx
Miss you fella....Dad xxxxx

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