Chubbs - Gone but not forgotten
Gone But Not Forgotten

Chubby 2002 - 2006


If love could build a stairway
If tears could build a lane
I walk right into Heaven
Just to hold you once again

It hardly seems possible that you took that final journey 2 years ago.  Oh how we remember ever second of those fateful 5 days,
and how we remember the wonderful times you gave us, the hearts you touched and the courage you showed right to
the end, but you were so very tired and you told me, I understood beautiful boy, you simply couldn't fight any longer.

You took your final journey, you went home, went to a better land, on June 23rd 2006.  Bathed in sunlight,
amongst those who loved you so much, tears fell in abundance that day, they glistened on your dark coat like celestial jewels,
so many tears, so much love, so much pain.

We miss you so much Chubbs, we wanted you not memories of 4 short years.  Then in 2007 Bobby took the same journey,
oh how you must have leapt around with pure glee when you saw him on the wings of the Angels being  guided
toward the beautiful Rainbow.  I know you were waiting for him, and he knew he'd be with you.

Saying goodbye again was almost more than we could bare, but the image of you both playing in the sunlight, sleeping
with the stars, and chasing butterflies in the Rainbow, knowing that one day we'll all be together again has  brought us through.

A few of our favourite pics

Chubbs always enjoyed his food!    Time for a nap with his friend 'Monkey'

All grown up at 4 years old

It's just as hard making this tribute now as it was 2 years ago, and so with tears falling again
we'll say Goodnight sweet boy, come visit in dreamland, until we meet again.
Forever loved, forever missed
Mum, Dad,
and The Terole Gang


Music playing is 'Endless Love'

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