This is

Bruno's Story


Crossed Rainbow Bridge November 2006

"Dear Bruno, you came into my life and stole my heart with unmeasurable love, loyalty and so much fun. You were my best friend and our times together will live with me everyday forever." (Tony)


Six years ago Bruno found his loving home with Tony, they were companions and friends, Tony gave his heart willingly to Bruno, unfortunately Bruno was to be affected by cancer, the fight was to be a hard one, it was a battle, a race for life, with care, love and dedication Bruno survived his cancer to be given the all clear just one month ago after having his spleen removed, they'd won the battle, life was to be good, the sun shone for them.

November came and sadly Bruno was to suffer the most cruel blow that fate could deal him, he was to be struck down by The Silent Killer, gastric torsion, bloat, GVD.  For 12 long hours they fought for life but this was to be the battle Dear Bruno just couldn't win, The Silent Killer had taken yet another victim, another life, leaving Tony devastated and in a total state of shock.

Like many of us Tony had taken all the necessary precautions, but still The Silent Killer struck.

Tony's life will never be the same again, young Benson, Bruno's Boxer playmate will miss him also, a chapter in their lives has ended and a new one begun.........

We didn't know you Bruno, but we'd have loved you I know that, run free at the Bridge, free, happy and healed where pain can't touch you, precious boy.  (Carole & Terry)

This page is Dedicated to Bruno another fatality of The Silent Killer

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